Game Reveals and a few words about them

Game Reveals and a few words about them

Game Reveals and a few words about them

Out with the old…

Since the dawn of game announcements we would be patiently waiting for E3 every year. This is, without a doubt Gaming Christmas as thousand of eyes celebrate a couple of weeks worth of incredible game reveals. Every year, big companies have a conference with new games or hardware for millions to see. But this year, everything changes.

Making the best out of the situation

Firstly, I was disappointed to find out so many events were cancelled. I understood the situation, everyone’s safety is the priority. But still, I wished for an alternative, a way to get my Gaming Christmas. Fast-forward today, we are getting a whole lot of game reveals. Geoff Keighley, Microsoft, Sony and IGN are already bombarding us with news of announcements every day.

Expectations vs Reality

Looks like instead of a few weeks we are getting months of announcement right on our screens! There are two sides to this coin, though. On the negative note, some days will have news which maybe will not be as exciting as people hope. For example, I talk at length to why the latest Xbox Series X event was disappointing. Even yesterday, the announcement of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 remake is not what people expected. Some people are really excited for it, while others are let down because they were expecting something else.

Surprises are fun

With E3 we always know when the reveals will come. Every reveal will most likely be in one of the conferences or live events in that period. But now, every day has the potential for an awesome new game reveal. And none of us know which day that is. This is more exciting in my opinion, more of a surprise. Who knows when gameplay of Elden Ring will drop? Or when Sony announces their PS5 launch exclusive? We don’t know when these surprises are coming. And this is exciting!

What now?

Even today we have two announcements! IGN is promising an exciting reveal. Geoff Keighley with his Summer Game Fest will show us something big. Those two are even at the same time, 11am ET / 8am PT. Sony has a state of play for Ghost of Tsushima on Thursday, 4pm ET / 1pm PT. News are coming, game reveals are ready. Get excited!