PS5 Reveal Event is a Show of Force


PS5 Reveal Event is a Show of Force

PS5 Reveal Event is a Show of Force

It feels like E3 again after the whole world witnessed what next-gen games Sony will bring to the table with the PS5.

There is a whole lot to unpack with this event. Firstly, I want to say that this is how an event is supposed to be. Game after game. Reveal after reveal. Preferably with as little talking as possible. Show Don’t Tell is a rule that works perfectly with this kind of reveals. Let the game do the talk and show what next-gen is capable of. Sony delivered this in spades. So much so that it was a nightmare to choose the games to talk about in this post. My final choices are the games which seems like next-gen the most along with my personal taste.

Spiderman Miles Morales PS5

Spidey Makes an Entrance

Gotta be honest with you, the first couple of seconds after seeing electrified hands my mind went to Infamous. I am a huge fan of the series and since First Light I’ve been dying to get some news of the next one. After the voice-over kicks and I figured out those hands belonged to Miles my face made an even bigger smile. We’re getting another Spider-man game after we got the best one not even two years ago? And with one of my favorite Marvel characters of all time? Sign me up! The snow covered Manhattan is the perfect setting for the Holiday launch. The music was so fitting so Miles’ style while soaring through the city saving lives. The action also showcased perfectly Miles’ powers by stealthily knocking down someone and not so stealthily electrifying other thugs. Overall, a beautiful trailer and coming on PS5 launch day!


Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart Blew Me Away

The trailer for Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart began with the best showcase of the PS5 capabilities in the whole show. They continuously jumped through 6 world with no loading screens at all, every portal transition done in a second. This alone is an incredible feat done by the most important component in the whole console, the SSD. Furthermore, the game continues to impress with its use of colors and charming environments. Even seeing this environments for a few seconds each while the next portal opens impressed me. Looking at them make me feel like I’m seeing a Pixar movie turned into an amazing video game. Even after all of this, we were blessed with a piece of really fun gameplay. Particle effects were everywhere, as Ratchet was blasting, hitting, dashing, jumping through an amazing battle. In conclusion, another amazing next-gen game is hitting the PS5.


Kena Bridge of Spirits Completely Charmed Me

Charming is the word best suited for how Kena Bridge of Spirits made me feel. The world filled with those tiny furballs with big shiny eyes placed me under its spell. The way the music matches perfectly the tone of the scenes presented in the trailer. Moving from a feeling of wonder to hopelessness. Then back to mystery and adventure. After that, jumping to a more bombastic combat music and everything fit together. Adding to all of this, even the combat looks really good with a nice variety of bosses. Parry moves, ranged bow attacks and melee combinations gives us a variety of ways to handle those mighty enemies. Even the end comes together in the defeat of an enemy turning an area from a desolate wasteland to a lively colorful forest. This trailer showed how much love and care went into this game.


Demon’s Souls Oh My God It’s Happening

Firstly, Shuhei Yoshida says the next game is close to his heart and I’m just smiling because I know how he hated Demon Souls in the begging. Then, after our lord and saviour Hidetaka Miyazaki graced the game with his genius everybody including Yoshida grew to love it. Then the first shot of the trailer appears and I instantly knew. It is like the original trailer and this knew one played simultaneously in my head and I couldn’t believe it. Bluepoint did an incredible job, the bosses look more terrifying and the environments look more alive and dead at the same time. The soulsborne games all my all time favorite and I got a ps3 just to play Demon Souls and it is completely worth it. This is the first game in my favorite series of all time and this remake is a next-gen system seller for me.


Deathloop is Another Hit From Arkane

Arkane Studios is a developer which excels in level design and player creativity. The Dishonored and Prey games are a testament of this. Deathloop seems to keep these design philosophies and put you in a loop where everybody wants to kill you and your death takes you back at the beginning. I love that for once we get a really vocal character in an Arkane game, I already know I’m going to like Colt. The city constant party mode feels like a blast to hunt in. The gameplay looks like you can shoot, blast, hide, force push, teleport your way through the city in the most amazing combination you can think of. Everything about it is really stylish, the guns look really interesting and varied, the powers are cool and useful. A real next-gen shooter is coming from Arkane.


Horizon II Forbbiden West Is An Excellent Conclusion

As soon as the soundtrack started for this trailer, the moment everyone wanted to see was close. The first Horizon was one of Sony’s system sellers and a benchmark to what the Decima Engine from Guerrilla is capable of even on an underpowered consoles. The expectations were through the roof for how this games needed to look. And Guerrilla absolutely delivered. From the close-up image from of crabs on a fish to the fain details on Alloy’s face, everything is just beautiful. The environments looked even bigger and more detailed. You can now explore amazing underwater structures. Even two interesting plot lines are set up with a new corruption and an attacking tribe on elephant machines. Everything about it screams heavy next-gen hitter.

PS5 Looks…Interesting

To begin with, I was hoping with might get a glance at some next-gen hardware during the event, but I did not expect a full reveal. I think Sony took a lot of risks with this design. It looks so different from any other modern console and it is really bold. And I must say I’m really digging it. The vents separate by the fins forming a V reminds me of a motorcycle of a sports car. It looks fast and powerful. The PS5 All Digital edition especially is really beautiful and symmetric. And it is really massive, towering over even the original PS3 or the Xbox Series X. This might be harder to fit it into some people’s setup, but it also means the cooling and performance are great. Overall, it looks like a next-gen machine ready to kick some ass.

Final Verdict

The presentation was more than a success for Sony, it was a show of force. We saw big exclusives from their own studios showcasing how games will work and look on the next-gen console. Sony really nailed it with the variety of titles also for every demographic they are targeting. The games varied from grim looking action filled to colorful and lively. Not to mention how they ended their with a console design sure to spark a lot of discussions everywhere. Sony totally nailed it and I cannot wait for next-gen to hit the shelves.


Check out the full list of games here. Each and every one of those games deserved to be seen and discussed. After that, you can send me an email with your top games from the show and also with your thoughts on the PS5 event! Also check out how beautiful next-gen games can get here!