Tower of God is a Webtoon Revolution


Tower of God is a Webtoon Revolution

Tower of God is a Webtoon Revolution

Tower of God is an incredible story I’m sorry I didn’t know about sooner.

What is Tower of God?

Tower of God is a Webtoon. Webtoons are digital comics which come from South Korea. In the last few years this comics gained a lot of popularity . And thanks to the incredible anime adaptation of Tower of God I foresee another massive surge coming. Even though you maybe have never heard of it Tower of God is an incredibly popular webtoon in South Korea. The story about a mysterious boy name Bam( meaning Night in Korean) climbing an immense structure in the form of a Tower unveiling a world full of wonder and secrets is currently sitting at over 4.5 billion views worldwide.

Tower of God Anime

Before I delve deep in the story of the Webtoon I want to talk about the anime. I cannot ignore it since it is the main reason I started reading the web comic. I was imediately drawn in to the artstyle. The intentional rough sketch looking characters and environments totally captivates me because of how unique the aspect is. I am still amazed at how the characters looked from casually dressed boys, to a rabbit alien, then a glowing sword spirit shinning in a magnificent dress. And I’m still talking about just one scene. Then, when the lights start, a monster to scream, a sword to strike, every bit of animation just makes my eyes shine. From episode to episode I start to find more characters I fell in love with. More pieces of the world I want to uncover. More amazing battles. I just can’t stop wanting for more.

Tower of God Webtoon

To put things in perspective, I always start the manga or manhwa of an anime I really like. But I never start reading before the ongoing season ends. I couldn’t wait with Tower of God. Not even half of the season is complete air and I find myself reading the webtoon. And I am absolutely glad I did not wait a second more. The anime just scratches the surface of this deep, beautiful, dazzling gem of a story. I will explain why I think anybody even slightly interested in the anime should give Tower of God a thorough read. To sum up, there are reasons: Worldbuilding, Characters, Plot, Artstyle .

The Tower is Rich With Lore

Firstly, the whole story of Tower of God, happens inside this structure. The Tower is a giant and tall world in which the people who enter it have to take tests to climb it. Every floor represents a new and interesting test or a challenge which blocks the way to the next one . Each floor feels like a buried treasure. Therefore every time the characters manage to dig it, we discover something amazing. The stories and characters the floors contain managed to surprise me every single time. The floors does not feel like it was created just for the characters to have a challenge. It feels as if it was always there, a living world, with grief and happiness, with a history of great battles and times of peace, with stories of heroes and lovers and with clashing philosophies. And each floors flows perfectly in the bigger picture.

Characters are Amazing

Let me start with how I cannot understand how the SIU, the author can craft so many good characters. Every arc just throws new and complex characters into the story. Each one with different motivations, philosophies and lifestyles. Not to mention how well the characters are placed in their own world. They feel as if the floor they live in shaped who they are. Their past is dwells in their motivations and in their actions. There is no black and white morality, there are only clashing philosophies. And the best thing is how these characters change. Character development is present and it can happen to everyone. You will learn to hate characters out of the blue, even love some villains which are not what they seemed at first or evolve throughout the story. Without a doubt, you will be amazed by the characters you’ll find in the Tower.

The Tower will Blow Your Mind

If I describe the plot in Tower of God in just a few words it would be full of plotwists which will make your jaw drop. Again, I have to mention how great the story is on every floor even on its own. But when you take all those individual stories and combine them is the massive narrative of the Tower it’s just incredible. The amount of events and characters coming together in such a huge story is nothing short of genius. How every mystery leads to a plotwists which again leads to another mystery just keeps me guessing and theorizing on what comes next. I cannot count the amount of times I wanted to jump on the wiki or Reddit to understand more. The story completely wrapped its massive branched around my mind and never let go.

The Artstyle will Make Your Eyes Shine

Maybe you will jump on the Tower of God and you won’t like the art in the first few chapters. Even though, that is true there is something you must know. The art gets progressively better. And I don’t just mean a little better, I mean incredibly, countless times better. If you go back and forth between the first chapters and chapters from season 2 or 3 you won’t believe it’s the same author drawing them. The use of colors and gradients make fights a beautiful light spectacle. The expression on characters faces make you immediately understand their motives. The variety in environments, architecture and size of each floor is unbelievable. You will have your jaw drop multiple times if you can just handle the first rougher chapters, trust me it is worth it. This is also a testament of how consistent hard work and dedication can completely elevate art.

Tower of God is Completely Worthy of Your Time

If you want a world where you can sink your teeth it, discuss and create theories with a wonderful community or spend hours reading about the additional lore on the wiki because you’re all caught up with the series, Tower of God is exactly what you need. Few anime, manga, manhwa, comics or TV shows manage to present a world in such a huge scale so perfectly. If I would make a comparison the closest one would be with One Piece, in all the best ways. I can talk at length about the similarities and differences between those two(maybe I will if you are interested), but I think that even the comparison alone with one of the greatest stories in manga or anime shows how special Tower of God truly is.