Xbox Series X first look lacked Something

Xbox Series X first look lacked Something

Xbox Series X first look lacked Something

Or maybe more than just one thing…

Out first long look at next gen concluded yesterday and ended with a wimper. We will take a look at the reasons the presentation was not what fans expected.

Strong Intro

Firstly, let me say that the intro was amazing. No, I don’t mean the Xbox fridge sitting in the background of Aaron Greenberg’s video. What I mean is Bright Memory Infinite, the game made by FYQD-Studio. The blend between first person shooter and hack and slash action looks like a lot of fun. The graphics looked amazing and did I mention that the studio making this game has exactly one guy. One single human being is making this game which is already in early access on steam.


The first game has something that not a lot of games really showed in this First Look, real gameplay. This is one of the most criticized aspects, the lack of real gameplay. Sure, there were some really interesting trailers shown. Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 has blessed us with a murderous symphony of singing and dancing. Chorvs gave us a mysteriously narrated piece with starship cruising through weird architecture. Regardless of all of this, most of it was in-game footage at best, not the promised gameplay.

Good games, but Weak showcase

The second criticism is more subjective regarding selection of the games shown, which was not the best. This problem was not caused necessarily by the lack of quality games. Smart delivery was the only next-gen feature really highlighted in the livestream which is a very proconsumer decision. Other next- gen features which are truly a generational leap needed to be shown. Blazing fast loading-times, ray-tracing graphics or high-framerates would have been a big help for the showcase. To sum up, none of the games looked like they were next-gen in any way.

The new Yakuza is everything I wanted

Yakuza Like A Dragon was one of the few games which really impressed me and was the best part of the whole livestream. Firstly, this game series starts with a gritty and bloody Japanese mafia story with plotwists, great character developments and violent action. Then, it adds weird and fun side-quests like winning a chicked named Turkey at bowling which becomes your real estate agent. Further adding tot the madness, Like A Dragon takes all of that and evolves the combat to a next level. A level where you can summon giant lobsters, fire laser from satellites or turn a bat into Excalibur. Lastly, the game is coming for Xbox and PC, in addition to PS4. Best news of the show for me.

Supposed star of the show really dissapointed

The main focus of the showcase, at least from all the fuss on social media, was Assassin’s Creed . I was sure we will see gameplay for this one. Instead we got a short trailer with some in-game cutscenes and maybe 3 miliseconds of carefully cut gameplay. After I have seen the reveal trailer, I was in awe and really excited to see gameplay. Ashraf Ismail, the creative director, talked about some interesting aspects. He mentioned dual-wielding, choices impacting your settlement and more violent combat, but we did not see this clearly. I am still excited for the game, but it looks like I have to wait more for unedited gameplay.

What’s next?

Now that the first next-gen showcase is behing us and left us with a sour taste what should we expect? I am patiently waiting for Sony’s first move, hopefully they took notes of the mistakes in the